English gives you freedom wherever you are. Many new doors worldwide are waiting for you all over the world. We want you to welcome new opportunities into your life by learning English while having fun. Open your wings, fly in and reveal your power of communication with my Dragon Speaks.

Our services

Our services

Why My Dragon Speaks

Learning the language with a native speaker as well as a local teacher

Vocabulary expansion

Various methods to memorize words

Situational role-playing and interactive tasks

Exposure to different accents

Teachers with experience in the business environment

COACH support during training

Chats with native speakers

Building a vocabulary relevant to your field of activity

Our team

Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself


is a native English speaker and English coach. Lula is responsible for preparing lesson plans and blocks, engaging the audience, drama reading, and selecting relevant topics for every lesson. Her approach to organizing classes is extremely professional and skillful.


a Methodist Chief and coach. Julia has more than 10 years of experience teaching English to students of all ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds. She is responsible for the assessment and review of students’ abilities. As a teacher of business English, she uses real business experience and has a deep knowledge of case-study methodology and teamwork, employs a creative approach to teaching, and introduces interactive teaching methods. Julia sets clear goals and structures the classes, promoting student progress and providing a friendly atmosphere.


is an energetic, creative, and positive teacher. He teaches English for travel and study abroad. He has a TEFL certificate and 7 years of teaching experience. Even though in everyday life, Richard speaks English with a British accent, in class he speaks English with a neutral accent to make it easier for students to learn.


is an experienced teacher who attends weekly seminars on self-development and financial management. Barbara has an individual approach to each student and helps them learn English with a full understanding of the situation and builds up a vocabulary according to the profession or a field of the student’s interest.


has over 10 years of experience teaching English and working with students from around the world. Shannon helps students speak English with ease and corrects the pronunciation. This helps to prepare for TOEFL, IELTS, or the most important negotiations or presentations.


has a TEFL/TESOL certificate at the third level and is studying to receive a TEFL diploma at the fifth level. Jasmine has been teaching for 6 years, and her main goal is to help as many students as possible learn to write and speak English fluently. Jasmine enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures; she has lived in the United Kingdom, Thailand, and Vietnam.


is a teacher of English to top managers and senior-level employees. In classes with Dwayne, students learn to use specific industry and technology-related terminology while having fun and exciting activities for intermediate and advanced level students.


has more than 5 years of experience in teaching English. Teaching English is her passion. Oksana will help you learn the language. She will teach you grammar and English for business communication and correspondence.


started his teaching career in Vietnam, where he lived for over a year and worked in local language schools. Jacques has a neutral accent; he pronounces words clearly, so they are easy to hear. Jacques knows how to listen and believes that mistakes are what allow us to learn and progress (of course, if we pay attention to them and analyze them).


is very attentive to details, and it helps her focus on the most important things, so her students achieve the best results. With the development of online platforms, she got an opportunity to teach people from around the world. Lindsay’s professional skills are confirmed by a fifth-level TEFL certificate from an academy certified by the British government. Apart from that, she has CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL qualifications.


Bianca’s age is 22. She has TEFL and TESOL certificates and 3 years of experience in teaching English. She worked as a teacher, an au pair, a teaching assistant, a tutor, and a teacher of online group classes. Bianca loves teaching, and when she is not busy doing her favorite job, she often goes to the beach or just watches Netflix. She is your teacher if you are looking for a fun, professional, and highly motivated teacher.

Olga Korol

the company’s founder, linguist, and interpreter. A team leader with excellent written and verbal communication skills. She has over 15+ years of experience in managing projects connected with translation, editing, adaptation, proofreading, subtitling, dubbing, voice-over projects, and foreign language education. A client-oriented, responsible leader with profound knowledge in the sphere of the company’s operation will easily find the best solution for your request.

Reviews and References

Reviews and References

7 reasons

not to learn

a foreign language 🙂


Too many options—how to choose what to learn?

7,111 languages are spoken in the world today.

33 of them have at least 50 million speakers. So how to choose the language to learn?


Lack of motivation and interest

If you don’t have them, then any number of cool courses and applications on your smartphone won’t do the job for you.


Lack of time for study. If you can’t allocate enough time to study, the result will be far from brilliant.

And if there is no progress in any kind of activity, the motivation drops.

So if you can't learn at the moment, don't.


Lack of benefit.

We all love bonuses and rewards. So it's one thing to learn a foreign language to get a raise and a higher salary, and it's quite another thing just to learn it for yourself.


Learning foreign languages is difficult.

Don't trust clever advertisements that claim to have taught even a monkey to speak a foreign language. Maybe they invited a native-speaker monkey to shoot an advertisement. Who knows? Studying is always difficult.


Foreign language lessons cost money.

If you are broke, spending extra money on an English course and then not having time to learn because you have to work does not sound like the brightest idea.


It takes a hell of a lot of time

to learn a foreign language. Yes, you can’t get a quick result when learning foreign languages. Even if you are a genius. Well, if you're a big genius, then maybe you'll learn a new language in a year. But in a month—never.

Anyways, if all these reasons sound like utter gibberish to you, then start learning right now—the sooner you start, the more you will know tomorrow 🙂

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